Website Design Is Information Design

Website Design Is Information Design

Many people believe that website design is synonymous with graphic design, but that equation ignores the essential nature of the Internet. The Internet is an information medium. It is a tool that people use to find information, so your best tool in the struggle to create customers is information design. Information design integrates words and pictures to meet information objectives.

Simply put, information design (in the context of website design) is the art and science of selecting and placing information where it will most effectively achieve your business, marketing, and sales objectives.

SEO -- One Message, Two Audiences

Your message has to be clear to your potential customers, but it also has to be clear to search engines. You need to ensure your website design practices are search-engine friendly, and that your copy demonstrates relevance to the search engines.

There are a few simple website design principles to follow to ensure that your message gets the attention it deserves. One example is the use of external scripts and cascading style sheets. By reducing the clutter within the HTML code, you make it easier for search engines to find the words that matter.

Search engines rank a webpage by judging its relevance to specific search terms. They judge relevance in several ways, the most important of which are keyword prominence, keyword frequency, keyword density, and the quality of inbound links to the page.

Website Design + SEO = Information Design

Is my message clear? Website design is more than graphic design. It is information design, and the need to target search engines has increased the need to consider information design in website design.

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