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SEO Copywriting - The Great SEO Secret

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a controversial topic, and SEO copywriting is a critical skill that is almost unknown, perhaps because it is at its best when invisible, like a referee or umpire. Ideally, the only person who should be able to tell that an SEO copywriter has been on the job is another SEO copywriter

Why Should You Outsource SEO Copywriting?

Search engine optimization is no longer simply a matter of stuffing keywords into meta tags. Search engines have become much more sophisticated. They look at the headings, copy, and links on your page to judge the relevance of your page to the keyword phrases searchers use to find information.

As the Internet and other forms of online marketing become more and more important in your sales & marketing mix, your Web content becomes critical to your sales & marketing success. Consider:

  • SEO copywriting is a relatively new specialization for copywriters. Writing Web copy and other online marketing collateral to be search-engine friendly is critical to your online marketing success.
  • SEO-friendly copy is getting more challenging, as competition for high page rankings on major search engines increases. The knowledge, skill, and art needed to optimize your site are also becoming more specialized and more critical, because search engines continually refine the algorithms they use to rank your site.
  • The Internet is an information medium. People use it to research products and services so they can make informed buying decisions. You need to present your products and services in the best possible light, without hype.
  • Buying decisions are never purely rational. People have to know they are making the right decision, but the decision is nonetheless emotional. People won't buy from you if you're not passionate about what you're selling.

How Do You Select an SEO Copywriter?

Look for authentic consulting that uses expertise, experience, and enthusiasm to your best advantage.

You partner with a freelance writer for his or her:

  • Expertise with communications;
  • Experience within one or more specific fields; and
  • Enthusiasm for your value proposition.

You partner with a freelance writer, on either an ongoing or job-to-job basis, to meet your communications needs. It is incumbent upon me, the freelance writer, to win and keep your trust by meeting or exceeding your expectations on quality and delivering on schedule. In business, our reputation is everything, and we must guard it carefully and actively.

Search engine optimization isn't rocket science, but it does require unwavering attention to detail. I will analyze your SEO requirements, make recommendations, and reach concensus with you to define deliverables, processes, and timelines.

An SEO copywriter can help you get the most out of each strategy and maximize your site's visibility on the Web.

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