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Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the area of search engine marketing (SEM) that focuses on "organically" optimizing your Web pages for maximum visibility to major search engines. It is "organic" in that it seeks higher page rankings by adjusting Web copy and architecture to match the search engines' expectations as expressed in their search algorithms. Contrast with "pay-per-click" (PPC) search engine marketing, in which you pay the search engine company for higher page rankings.

You should embrace both organic SEO and pay-per-click advertising in order to maximize your visibility, but you cannot substitute PPC for organic SEO, because even in PPC, your pages need to sell your products and services effectively.

SEO - Higher Visibility for Sales Success

Many marketers don't even know that there are concrete actions they can take to improve their visibility on the Web. Others don't know how important these actions are, and don't understand the dramatic effect SEO can have on their sales results. Still others consider themselves knowledgeable and think that they have already done everything necessary to guarantee the best possible results.

Unfortunately, most of them are wrong. There are concrete actions to be taken; these actions are incredibly important to your website's visibility and your sales results; and SEO is much more complex than the average marketer knows.

Why Is SEO Copywriting Critical?

Information is the currency of the Web, and you must provide the information your customers need to make informed buying decisions. You must also present compelling sales arguments and calls to action to encourage continued engagement with your website and, eventually, a buying decision. These are the objectives of all good copywriters.

But if nobody finds your brilliant sales arguments, what difference will they make?

The goal of SEO copywriting is to align your Web copy with all of the other elements of the webpage and website to ensure search engines understand the full relevance of your copy to keyword searches by your potential customers.

The Right SEO/PPC Mix

Organic search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC), and inbound linking are all valid strategies for maximizing your website's visibility. You should embrace them all. However, you need to do organic SEO before you start a PPC campaign, so that you'll know which keyword phrases to bid on, and so that your copy is optimized for relevance to those keyword phrases. Proper keyword analysis will also help you determine which websites to target for inbound links to your website.

If you base your Search Engine Marketing only on pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, you are missing out on a very significant amount of traffic. According to most reports, the top 2 organic search listings get more than 50% of all of the clicks on a search results page. In contrast, only 2% of clicks come from the average paid search. What's more, the visits from organic searches often generate a higher conversion rate, and therefore better ROI, than many paid listings.

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