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eMail Marketing, eMail Newsletters

eMail marketing is the tail that wags the Internet marketing dog.*

What do I mean by that? I mean that building a selling, optimized website is great, but you need to promote it, and email marketing is both the most effective and the most inexpensive means of promoting your website.

eMail Marketing Engages Prospects

Simple, informative email messages keep your company, products, and services front-of-mind throughout and between protracted sales cycles. Use them to engage your customers and prospects on a regular basis. Engagement is the key: in order to engage your audience, your message must be:

  1. Delivered - It cannot be -- or appear to be -- spam. You must have permission to market to the recipient, and the message must be composed in such a manner that it is not trapped by spam filters.
  2. Opened - It must be from a trusted source, and it must have a subject line that piques the recipient's interest.
  3. Relevant - It must contain information of interest to the recipient.
  4. Authoritative - The recipient must regard the sender as someone who knows what he or she is talking about.
  5. Linked - The message must encourage the recipient to visit your website for more information, and it must present multiple calls to action to encourage interaction.

Of course, the other requirement for effective email marketing is fresh content on your website. In fact, creating new landing pages on your website for email campaigns is also a great way to build your website over time.

eMail Newsletters Drives Prospects to Your Website

The great thing about email newsletters (e-zines, or e-newsletters) is that they add another important dimension to your email marketing. With email newsletters, your message is delivered, opened, relevant, authoritative, linked, and anticipated. By publishing email newsletters on a regular basis, you set up the anticipation of useful information in your audience.

Viral eMail Marketing

If your message is truly unique, informative and interesting, your audience will forward your message. Make it easy to do. Add a "Send to a Friend" button at the top of the message for viral email marketing.

*Maria Veloso, Web Copy That Sells, Amacom, 2005, pp. 137-8.

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