eBusiness White Papers

eBusiness White Papers -
The Great B2B Marketing Secret

eBusiness white papers -- essays describing the problems to your solutions and providing the information your customers need to make informed buying decisions -- are the great B2B marketing secret.

White Papers and Permission Marketing

Permission marketing is the art and science of exchanging information for permission to continue to communicate with your prospects and customer base. Why do you want ongoing communications with your prospects and customers? Because you need to stay front of mind with them throughout and between sales cycles. Your solution should be the first thing they think of when the problem it solves arises. White papers are great for this purpose.

White Papers -- Authoritative, Not Authoritarian

Why are ebusiness white papers so great for B2B marketing? Because they allow you to present an extended linear argument -- the case for your solution. People don't read on the Web. They scan. But most people print white papers to read them, which makes them a better medium for an extended sales argument.

eBusiness white papers need to be authoritative, but not authoritarian. That's the real difference between customer focus and product focus. When you focus on the product, it becomes a strait jacket into which you force the needs of your customers. When you focus on customer needs, your solution appears to be an evolutionary path to efficient and cost-effective practices.

White Paper Outsourcing

The key to effective ebusiness white papers is to map customer needs to your solution's features and benefits, but it's hard for some companies to get away from a product focus -- they're just to close to the product. That's where white paper outsourcing can help. Talk to me and I'll ask the right questions, so you can answer them for your customers.

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