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Customer Loyalty --
Case Studies Build Relationships

You can build customer loyalty through case studies. Like ebusiness white papers, case studies are a great way to build confidence in your prospects and customers concerning your solutions. But they have an additional benefit: they allow you to cement relationships with your existing customers.

At their best, case studies hold a mirror up to their audience. You want your prospects to see themselves realizing the benefits your existing customers have already realized. And you want your existing customers to see themselves portrayed as visionaries, because they made the wise decision to implement your solution.

Your customers will usually be flattered to be considered for a case study (unless the challenge your solution addresses arose in their company through boneheaded management practices). By selecting them, you recognize their importance to you as a customer. Case studies build customer relationships and customer loyalty.

Case Studies - Marketing with Information

The standard format for a case study is pretty simple: a glowing description of the customers work within a specific industry, a challenge the customer needed to meet, your solution to that challenge, the benefits your customer realized, and a call to action for prospects reading the case study. You are marketing using information readily available to you.

Sounds simple doesn't it? It is, provided you are customer-focused.
Case studies force you to be customer-focused, but customer focus can be counter-intuitive to people focused on bringing a product to market.

Customer loyalty increases the lifetime value of customers. As we all know, it is easier to sell more product to your customers than to sell your product to more customers. Talk to me, and let me help you focus on your customers.

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